Rush Hour 2

directed by Brett Ratner for Newline Cinema

starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

From the last "Rush Hour" two detectives, Lee (Jackie Chan) and Carter (Chris Tucker) met at L.A., California to solve a crime and became friends. When Carter came to Hong Kong for a visit, he was looking forward to an exotic vacation and had a fantasy for a lot of women around him. However, his fancy was destroyed when a bomb exploded in the American Embassy. Detective Lee pulled him together to solve this mystery and bust the mob leader Rickie Tan (John Lone).

Through the whole movie, the audience can catch a lot of lovely views of Hong Kong in 2001. The scene where Lee and Carter were hanging together on a bamboo scaffolding pole was located at Jordan and Nathan Roads, in Kowloon Peninsula.

Rush Hour 2.  Courtesy of

In the Red Dragon yacht scenes, the boat cruises from Ocean Terminal to Tsimshatsui East, with much of the Kowloon waterfront as a backdrop. Some of the other scenes were located on small, crowded streets on Hong Kong Island.