The Arcement family

in memory of Velma Arsement Lacobie, 1911- 2000

The Arsement family tree is well documented, perhaps because it goes back to the d'Entremonts, a baronic family, and even further beyond to the Mius's of France. My interest in this is with the "Cajuns", those original French Acadians that were booted out of Canada when the British took over. Though all southern Louisianian French are called "Cajuns", it's only this family tree that reflects this true origin; the Meauxs, Lacobies, etc., were later migrants to the Louisiana territory.

So, we start with Philippe Mius d'Entrem0nt (b.1601), who is none other than the first Duke in Canadian Acadia, given the duchy as part of his services to the early French colonizers. The story is told here:

I'll trace just one child of Philippe, Jacques: