Wedding Ring

our wedding invitation card

Kevin & Connie's 20th Anniversary

on September 2, 2003

a summary of Kevin & Connie from their baby-ages to their 40s
and a brief account of their changes and additons in their lives

Connie at her 20-year-old wedding gown

Connie, where are you?? Are you back in 1983??

young Connie
young Kevin
our Wedding
Leah Mae Lacobie
1st born, Leah Mae Lacobie(deceased in 1986)
Yvette Sasha Lacobie
2nd daughter, Yvette Sasha Lacobie(born in Virginia)
Tenth-Year Anniversary
our Tenth Year Anniversary picture in front of our home in Fairfax, Virginia
Francois Lawless-Adam Lacobie
last son, Francois Lawless-Adam Lacobie(born in Houston)
20th Anniversary
wearing the same wedding garments from 20 years ago. How Lovely!!